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Here is my review of One More Day by LS Murphy. 

One More Day is an awesome collection of stories contemplating the end of the world, time travel, and fixing what other people have caused. The stories are all really well written and very interesting. It’s captivating to learn everyone’s different views on time travel and how it works. Most of the stories were different from each other, but they were all really good, starting well, and they all made sense. There wasn’t too much character development in the stories, which is good because they weren’t long enough for me to get invested with what happens to them at the end. All in all, the stories were really well written and I enjoyed reading the whole book. I have to give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

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Here is my review of Reaper by L.S. Murphy. 

Reaper was absolutely amazing! It was really well written, the story was very well put together, the characters were super fun to get to know, and the story was fast paced. LS Murphy did a freaking amazing job with this book, I loved it so much! It’s very rare that a book makes me cry, but for the last 20 pages, that’s all I was doing.

The book was well written so that you could read it fast, as I read it in one sitting. The author had a way to make things happen nice and fast, as well as making things very spontaneous and making things happen that I definitely did not expect. 

The characters were fun to get to know. The book started out with Quincy and we get to join her in her journey, and learn new things at the same time that she does. The author really knows how to keep things a secret before they actually happen, which made the book way interesting.

All in all, the book was wonderful. I found that the plot and storyline was enjoyable, and it didn’t get too involved with itself, which made it a nice fast read. LS Murphy really knows how to pull at your heartstrings, and not just once, many times all together. It’s pretty hard to make me cry, which is why this book is getting 5 out of 5 stars from me. Loved it!

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